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Picture of Rae McDermott

Rae McDermott

Sales Manager
Rae has 10 years experience in marketing, relationship development, and team building. She is passionate about utilizing new technology in the workplace and has a love of design & impressionist art.

House Hunting, First Time Homebuyer

Visiting Model Homes
By Rae McDermott on May, 31 2019

When is the right time to visit a Model Home during your new home search? The answer might surprise, you - it's now!

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In the Community, House Hunting

Final Homes for Sale in Castlegate II
By Rae McDermott on March, 8 2019

It seems like just yesterday we started construction on our first home in Bryan-College Station, and here we are six years later and we've built well over 100

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House Hunting, First Time Homebuyer

Understanding HOA Rules & Benefits
By Rae McDermott on September, 28 2018

It is becoming more common that master planned communities have a Homeowners Association (HOA) and despite what you might think, the focus of an HOA is to preserve and enhance property...

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House Hunting

3 Types of New Homes You Can Buy
By Rae McDermott on August, 18 2017

A lot of people think that buying a new home means building a new home from scratch. While that is one of the options, there are two other options for home buyers looking to buy new.

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