New Home Exterior Colors: Stone

on Sep 22, 2017
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Seeing the color selections come together is one of the most exciting parts of the home building process. Keeping that in mind, our Designer takes the time to consider many different design aesthetics while making your new home selections.

Whether it is used as an accent or main feature, nearly every new home elevation incorporates stone. Stone is  just one aspect of your new home exterior colors that can lend to many different design styles. 

Two types of stone: limestone and sandstone. Limestone is a sedimentary rock primarily made of calcium carbonate. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of sand sized grains of minerals, rocks, or other organic material.


There are two patterns that most stone fall into: chopped or flagstone. Chopped stone is cut into rectangular shaped blocks while flagstone is split into irregular random sized pieces. Both limestone and sandstone are available in these different new home stone styles.


Mortar can be mixed with sand to create different colors. Two of the most common mortar options for stone are white with white sand and tan with tan sand. 



All of our limestone options are paired with white mortar and tan sand. This color blends well with the white and cream tones in the stone. 

All of our sandstone options are paired with tan mortar and tan sand which blends with the rich taupe and brown hues.


Top 5 Stone Choices for New Homes:







Current Stone Selection for New Omega Homes:

 LV1-white chop          LV1-white flag          LV1-cream-chop

   Austin White Sawn                   Austin White Flag                     Austin Cream Sawn                            

 LV1-nicotine chop   LV1-rattlesnake chop          LV1-cavestone chop          

Austin Gold Sawn                      Rattlesnake Chopped                  Austin Cave Sawn

              LV3-tumbleweed tan chop                LV3-tumbleweed flag

Texas Mix Sawn                     Tumbleweed Tan Chopped          Tumbleweed Tan Flag


Rattlesnake Flag                           Saddlewood Flag                        Austin Gold Flag


Trending Exterior Color Combinations :

White Chop has been one of the go-to stone choices for years, and continues to be Omega's main choice for stone. 




Our second favorite option is Cream Chop for more of a warm alternative:



Whether you're just starting your search or ready to purchase one of our thoughtfully designed homes, you won't want to miss this helpful information on New Home Brick Colors !


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