New Home Exterior Colors: Stone

By Paige Neal on September, 22 2017
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Paige Neal
Paige Neal

Design Studio Coordinator
Paige has a background in marketing and passion for design & home décor. She loves bringing different colors together to make a space beautiful and feel like home.

Choosing the colors for your home is one of the most exciting parts of the home building process and provides you the opportunity to personalize your home to fit your style.

Nearly every new home elevation design incorporates stone, whether as an accent or main feature, and is just one of the new home exterior colors that you'll choose during your design appointment.

Two types of stone: limestone and sandstone. Limestone is a sedimentary rock primarily made of calcite. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of mostly quartz sand, silt and clay.


There are two patterns that most stone fall into: chopped or flagstone. Both limestone and sandstone are available in rectangular block sized pieces (chopped) or irregular random sized pieces (flagstone).


There are three mortar options for stone: white with tan sand, white with white sand, and tan with tan sand.



All of our limestone is paired with white mortar that has tan sand to blend better with the cream tones.

All of our sandstone is paired with tan mortar that has than sand to blend best with the rich hues.

For a high contrast look, you can also pair sandstone with white mortar that has white sand (this is an upgrade).


Top 5 Stone Choices for New Homes:







Current Stone Selection for New Omega Homes:

LV1-white chopLV1-white flagLV1-cream-chopLV1-nicotine chop

LV1-rattlesnake chopLV1-cavestone chopLV2-texas mix w_greyLV2-texas mix w_charcoal

LV3-tumbleweed tan chopLV3-tumbleweed flagLV3-autumn blend chop


1st Row: White Chop  -  White Flagstone  -  Cream Chop -  Nicotine

2nd Row: Rattlesnake Chop  -  Cavestone Chop

Texas Mix w/Grey Lueders  -  Texas Mix w/Charcoal Lueders

3rd Row: Tumbleweed Tan Chop  -  Tumbleweed Tan Flagstone  -  Autumn Blend Chop


Trending Exterior Color Combination : Cream Limestone & Dark Brick

White Chop has been one of the go-to stone choices for years, but many homebuyers are skipping this classic color and instead are choosing Cream Chop to add a little warmth.




This home has a similar combination with Georgetown Brick & Cream Chop:



Whether you're just starting your search or ready to choose the colors for your new home, you won't want to miss our check list to help make the most of your time in the design studio!


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