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By Ryan Waldron on September, 28 2017
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Ryan Waldron
Ryan Waldron

Chief Operations Officer
Ryan has 16+ years’ experience in construction, purchasing, and operations. He was recognized as the 2016 Builder of the Year by the Temple Area Builder’s Association.


Understanding the stages of construction to build a new home is the first step in ensuring you'll have a stress-free construction process.

Depending on the size of the home, community specifications, location, and weather, the time required for each stage may vary. Our team has put together this visual timeline to show you the key milestones in building a house from the ground up.

Stages of construction 9.26.23


Job Release

A "job release" simply means that an address is now ready to begin construction. Once a home has been released, the plans are finalized, permits are applied for, and materials are ordered.

Next up is the kick-off meeting - an internal meeting where plans, specifications, and selections are verified. This is also when the property is surveyed and the exact location of the home is determined.



You will begin to see activity at your homesite within the next 6-8 weeks.

The next steps are site preparation and setting form boards for the foundation. 

After form inspections are complete, the foundation is poured.

Starting to see progress can be very exciting; however, this stage of construction is most susceptible to delays due to inclement weather.









During the framing stage, your home starts to take shape. You can start to see the different rooms within your home once the walls are framed. The windows, exterior doors, and trim are also installed during this phase. At this point, you'll have a good feel for what your outdoor areas will be like and can start planning.








Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing (M/E/Ps)

Next, the systems of your home are installed. This includes heating & air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, etc.

Once framing & M/E/Ps are complete, you will meet with your Superintendent for Pre-Drywall Orientation (PDO) to see all the inner workings of your home (your Realtor® is welcome to join, but we ask that you not invite additional family members beyond the purchasing homeowners).







This stage begins with the installation of outdoor materials and ends with final landscaping.

Depending on scheduling, some items will be installed before pre-drywall orientation, while others will not be installed until the very end of the process of the process. This step can also be held up by weather.





The best part of the process is next: the interior! Once the drywall is hung, you will be able to truly visualize the layout of each room and get an overall feel for your new home. This is one of the faster moving stages of the construction process - each week you may see more and more progress as the colors & finishes are installed and the vision of your home comes to life!








Closing Prep

Prior to completion, each home is thoroughly inspected by your Superintendent and any items requiring attention are resolved. Once your home is complete, you'll meet with the Superintendent for Orientation to learn the ins & outs of your new home! This meeting is intended for the future homeowners only (you may invite your Realtor® to join you).

Finally, you will schedule your closing, sign paperwork, and the keys will be passed over to you. Congratulations, you are now a homeowner!




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