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Realtors are essential to our business and understand the specific needs of their customers. We value our Realtor partners and want to make your job easy so you are comfortable referring clients to us again and again.

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Realtor®/Broker Registration and Cooperation Policy

1. The Realtor / Broker must be licensed in the state of Texas.

2. The Realtor / Broker must be the procuring cause for the buyer, as evidenced by at least one of the following:
a. Accompany the customer to the first meeting with an Omega Builders
new home sales agent and register them at the initial visit, or
b. If the Realtor / Broker is unable to attend the first meeting, the customer must be
registered by telephone and/or email within 24 hours of the first meeting.

3. Upon initial meeting with a Buyer, Omega Builders will ask the buyer if they are working with a Realtor / Broker.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to disclose any Realtor / Broker relationships.

4. In the event more than one Realtor / Broker attempts to register a customer, the customer
will decide which Realtor / Broker will be included on the purchase agreement and therefore receive the commission.

5. Customer registrations made by the Realtor / Broker are valid for 3 months from the registration date.

6. The Realtor / Broker commission will be based upon the initial contracted price of the home unless the sales price is reduced.
If the sales price is reduced the commission will be based on the reduced price. All commission payments will be paid upon funding.