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By Rae McDermott on May, 31 2019
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Rae McDermott
Rae McDermott

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When is the right time to visit a Model Home during your new home search? The answer might surprise, you - it's now!

Regardless of where you are in your home buying journey, if you haven't visited a model home yet, don't wait any longer - the sooner you visit, the easier your search will be!



Our team is here to help throughout the process when you're looking for a new home.


Visiting a Model Home allows you the opportunity to discover new communities and get answers to questions you have about the home buying & construction process. If you aren't sure where to start, we'll help identify the questions most important to your search!





Our team has a wealth of information that could help you throughout your journey - whether you have questions about selling your current home, buying your first home, finding a lender, determining your budget, or about the construction process... we're happy to help!





Touring a Model Home can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers - that's why we recommend letting our team guide you through.

If you've ever toured model homes from national builders, you know that they spend thousands on upgrades, options & glitzy decor, making a really beautiful showcase home, but also setting very unrealistic expectations for what is included in your purchase.



Omega Model Home's are designed to showcase what we do best - we let our quality craftsmanship speak for itself, include only our most popular options, choose colors that work well with a range of styles, and decorate in a way that helps you truly visualize what living in the home would be like!


I highly recommend spending time in the communities with our team - take advantage of their offer to show you around, not only will you avoid getting lost visiting communities not visible on map apps yet, but you'll gain valuable insights about the surrounding area as well!




Buying a new home is not the same thing as buying a car, so don't anticipate the same type of sales experience.

Being with a builder rep when you tour homes gives you immediate access to answers and can save you tons of time - based on your feedback, our team can choose the right homes for you to tour and make adjustments to the schedule when you find something you don't like - or love!

Preparing for Your Model Home Visit

Omega offers new homes in communities throughout Temple, Belton, Nolanville, Troy and Bryan-College Station - so how do you know which model home to visit?

You'll find easy to use filters on our website to help choose exactly which model home to start with!




Quick Step Guide to get started:

  1. See all of our Model Homes on our contact page:  Visit a Model Home.

  2. Click the City menu to choose the city you're looking for a new home in and click search. This will show you if there is more than one location or not. If there is only one, you've found the right location to start with!


  3. Maybe you know the community already or schools are more important to you? Instead of using the City, you can use Community or School District to narrow things down.

If there is a model home still under construction, the driving directions will take you to the location for the sales agent's current office - typically located in one of our other model homes or a finished home in the community. 

Once you've narrowed the choices down, click on the Model Home to get in touch with our team. If two locations match your criteria, that's ok - pick one and when you submit the form, our Online Sales Specialist will help you find the perfect home in the right community!




You'll find all of their contact information, office hours, and driving directions. You can also view model home photos & virtual tours before you visit! 


Tips for Touring a Model Home

Here are the top tips from our team to make the most of your visit:

  • Schedule an appointment with our team
  • As hard as it can be, try to ignore the decor
  • Focus on the layout of the rooms, not the colors
  • Ask questions about included features & upgrades



Discover common questions to ask during your visit

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