Contracting Your Home

The Right Time to Buy a home is when it makes sense for you, your family, your budget (mortgage calculator), your goals and honestly, when it feels right.  Using a Preferred Lender, who works closely with Omega, saves you time and greatly benefits you monetarily.

The Construction Process

Want to start planning your new home but don't understand the construction process?  Our Stages of Construction blog can help.

Types of Homes to Buy

There are 3 Types of New Homes to Buy: move-in ready, under construction and to-be-built. When you fall in-love with a home already under construction, you might wonder what, if any features or colors can be added or changed.  You might be surprised just how early some items must be ordered, understanding Change Orders/Options helps. If choosing  Interior Color Combinations and adding options is important to you, then a to-be-built (TBB) home is where you will want to start. 

Floor Plans

Other than price and location, Choosing the Right Floor Plan is one of the first and largest decisions you have to make when deciding to purchase.  Focus on the layout, try not to focus on the colors & finishes just yet, but think of things such as: the placement of bedrooms, accessibility to the laundry room, the layout of the kitchen and the amount of storage space available.

The Quick Move-In Program

QMI offers an easier, faster & more affordable path to home ownership by including the options you want while providing the big incentives you need. Find out more by contacting an Omega Sales Agent!

Always Included Features

Homes in all communities include full yard sod, full irrigation, fence (maybe gardening is your thing), granite countertops (kitchen and baths), 36" double sink vanity in the primary bath and 2" blinds throughout to ensure easy move-in and worry-free living.

What to Expect in Interior Design

One of the major benefits of building homes for over 50 years is the expertise Omega's professional Interior Design Consultants have gained by guiding thousands of customers through the selections process.  Our Interior Design Consultant ensures each Omega home has the most popular color combination as well as a wide range of structural options so that no spec home is the same and they all feel customized. 

Design Studios

Omega has one main design studio, centrally located in West Temple and several satellite studios built into each model home for customer convenience.  Selections appointments are by appointment only and are determined by the stage of constructions or type of home you build.

If the selections meeting seems daunting or you would like to plan ahead, check out our Ultimate Design Studio Check List.

Closing Dates and Buyer Meetings

Closing on a New Omega Home is easy!  Closings are scheduled by the Omega Closing Coordinator and booked for a date and time that fits your needs. Seven to nine days prior to closing, you and your Omega Superintendent will get together at your new home for an orientation meeting (all third-party inspections MUST be completed prior to this date) to review all the components of your new home. 

Homestead Exemption

Filing Your Residential Homestead Exemption reduces the taxable amount, saving you money on your property taxes each year.  To file, you must own your home and it must be your primary residence as of January 1 of the year in which you are applying. 

Helpful Info for REALTORS®

It is important to communicate your clients' needs with our sales team as early as possible. Our  Realtor®/Broker Registration and Cooperation Policy is clear and concise – feel free to ask any questions – we are here to help you!  And - if you are a Realtor® and not currently subscribing to receive our inventory of for sale homes, you can do so here  Realtor® Connection

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