Relocating to Texas

on Jun 8, 2018
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More and more people are moving from to Texas - and with recent inquiries from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii, our team has connected with future homeowners from all 50 states!

Regardless of what brings you to Texas, here are a few things worth noting:

1. No State Income Tax

Texas is one of only a handful of states without an income tax - compare this to California which has one of the highest income tax rates in the country and it is no wonder why so many Californians are considering a move to Texas.

You'll also want to research sales & property taxes as they can vary from city to city.

2. Towns Big & Small

Texas is home to several great cities, each with its own personality, including: Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, and more. While cities draw larger populations, there are many smaller towns in between that are great places to live.

The Temple-Belton area is less an hour from Austin and is just two hours from Dallas-Ft Worth, making it's centralized location ideal if you're planning on exploring Texas.

Bryan-College Station is the 11th fastest growing city in the U.S. and is just an hour and 30 minutes north of Houston.


3. Low cost of Living

Here in Texas your dollar stretches further. A 2500 sqft home with a yard in the Temple-Belton area can cost around $300-450K on average, whereas in other states such as California it costs from $500K-1 million and has little to no outdoor space. 

Similarly, gas prices average significantly lower costs in Texas compared to other parts of the country. Check out this map provided by Forbes, which shows the range of gas prices from light to dark.


4. texas Pride

A benefit of living in Texas is the great companies that are birthed here! H-E-B is a popular, Texas-only grocery chain that can be found across the state, offering some of the best local brands available. Buc-ees is a growing gas station brand where you can find the best beef jerky and cleanest bathrooms on any road trip across the state! In addition, you can visit the home of Blue Bell ice cream and visit their creamery, stop by the Shiner brewery in the heart of the state, and visit the Dr. Pepper museum right in the middle of it all. These Texas-born brands, and more, add to the pride of locals!

Why Texas Grocery Store HEB Is the Best in America | Epicurious  

5. Here You can find everything

Texas is uniquely situated to provide a wide geography that includes rivers, deserts, beaches, lakes, prairies, and islands. We truly have it all here! Check out Big Bend National Park, South Padre Island, the Frio River, Lake Travis, Corpus Christi Beach, and more. You will find a variety of landscapes and food along the way!

Camper's Guide To Big Bend National Park - CBS San Francisco


Interested in moving to Texas? Start your search for the right home.


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