Relocating to Texas

By Jennifer Nixon on June, 8 2018
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Jennifer Nixon
Jennifer Nixon

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More and more people are moving from Illinois and California to Texas - and with recent inquiries from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii, our team has connected with future homeowners from all 50 states!

Regardless of what brings you to Texas, here are a few things worth noting:

1. No State Income Tax

Texas is one of only a handful of states without an income tax - compare this to California which has one of the highest income tax rates in the country and it is no wonder why so many Californians are considering a move to Texas.

You'll also want to research sales & property taxes as they can vary quite a bit from city to city.

2. Homes Outside of Austin City Limits

There is definitely a desire to flock to the bigger cities and Austin has a certain draw to it, but there are so many other opportunities that are worth considering.

There are many comparisons of million dollar listings from out of state compare to similar homes in Austin for $400,000 - but if you expand your search just a little, you can save even more or buy more home for less, believe it or not, there are gorgeous homes from the low $200s!




Killeen-Ft Hood is just 50 minutes from Austin, not only can you take care of all that Austin has to offer and avoid the daily traffic, but you'll find a little bit of everything in town - from art & music to parks & trails and an amazing variety of local eateries.


The Temple-Belton area is an hour from Austin and is just two hours from Dallas-Ft Worth, making it's centralized location ideal if you're planning on exploring Texas.


Bryan-College Station is the 11th fastest growing city in the U.S. and is just an hour and 30 minutes north of Houston just under 2 hours south of Austin.


3. More Than Just Hot Summers

More than likely you will have to make an adjustment when it comes to the Texas heat in Summer, but the Texas landscape is very diverse and so is the climate!

Visit Big Bend National Park in west Texas and you'll find mountains, canyons, deserts, rivers, and tons of opportunity for adventure!

Head east to discover the piney woods or down to the coast to explore the gulf's beautiful beaches.


4. Don't Mess with Texas

While this started as a campaign to stop people from littering it has become synonymous with Texas pride, but don't be mistaken, Texans take littering seriously - you can be fined $500 every time you litter in Texas!


Just like everyone is going to have a different reason for coming to Texas, everyone has a different reason for choosing to stay - discover yours!


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