3 Reasons to Choose a Preferred Lender

By Linda Dreher on February, 23 2024
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Linda Dreher
Linda Dreher

Sales Manager
Linda is a real estate veteran with over 30 years experience in new construction, management, and sales. She truly understands the ins & outs of the buying & construction process!

Why choose to work with one of our preferred lenders? Omega Builders’ preferred lenders continuously meet the high standards that we set for them. They understand new home construction, loan types, and how to secure the best financing option for you. Here are 3 benefits you receive when choosing to work with them: 

1. Additional Buyer Incentives

When you choose one of our preferred lenders, Omega will pay for your Survey ($450) and Title Policy (based on sales price, usually $1K-3K) fees. In addition, our preferred lenders offer additional incentives, such as a credit to go towards closing costs (promotions vary per financing institution). Choosing a preferred lender can result in additional cash savings!


2. Knowledge & Experience

Our lenders have worked with us time and time again, building more experience with each house sold. They hold knowledge about different loan options, including VA, FHA, Conventional, and more and can help you find the right financing option to fit your needs. We can also recommend a specific lender based on your situation and loan type.


3. Smooth Process

Not only are they knowledgeable of the loan and financing options, our preferred lenders work with Omega Builders often and understand the requirements needed to ensure a smooth home buying process. They provide excellent customer service, clear communication, and on-time closing. We prefer to work with them because they have proven themselves to be a reliable, trusted partner for both Omega and our buyers.


You, the buyer, will always have the freedom to choose who you work with, whether that is one of Omega's preferred lenders, or a separate lender that you find on your own. What's most important is you find a trusted source that you are comfortable with for your homebuying journey! 

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