Management Team Updates

Customer First Mindset

Continued shortages in the construction industry are causing unpredictable delays, product adjustments, and high fluctuations in prices.

As a result, we have decided to move forward with changes to when & how we sell homes.

Our Customers are the heart of our business and we work every day to put our customer's first, the changes outlined below will allow us to continue to provide you with exceptional service.

Sales Process Overview

Model Homes are by Appointment Only

Our Model Homes are by appointment only.

You must call ahead to schedule an appointment with one of our Sales Agents.

With an increase in traffic and demand for appointments, you may not be able to get an appointment right away, but we will make sure every effort is made to meet with you as soon as possible.

Model Homes are open for appointments Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am to 6 pm & on Sundays from 1 pm to 6 pm.

More info: Prepare for your appointment

What Does In Planning Mean?

In Planning is the status used for inventory homes that have been designated for a lot (homesite), but have NOT started construction yet and are not available for sale.

What does Coming Soon mean?


Coming Soon is used to indicate the status of the homes that are under construction and will be available to sell once they reach the designated point in construction.

You will only see this status on our listings document and community maps.

Homes are not listed on the website under FOR SALE until they are ready to purchase. Once these homes are purchased they will be marked as SOLD.


Coming Soon is also used on the website to indicate new locations or new phases where Omega will be building.

If homes are available in a community, the status changes to Homes Available Now.

Home Availability - What to Expect

Omega Builders sells homes once the home has reached a designated point in the construction process - the stage may vary from home to home and will be between sheetrock install and tile install, with the possibility of having to wait until the home is near complete.

To better serve our customers, only inventory homes will be sold, we are not contracting any To-Be-Built Homes at this time.

Omega's inventory homes include our most popular color combinations and also include a range of structural options to enhance the layouts of our homes to meet your needs.

Homes in all communities now include full yard sod, irrigation & fence, as well as garage door opener, to ensure your home will be move-in ready.

Due to the stage of construction at which we will be selling homes, changes to options & colors can't be made at contracting.


Purchase Process

Omega will continue to do as we always have done and use a first come, first served approach. We will not be accepting offers, bids or making reservations.

We do not negotiate the price of our homes.

Once you've signed the contract, Omega will not increase the sales price. 

Buyer's total deposit to contract is $5000 regardless of location or community. 

When homes become available that meet your search criteria, our team will contact you directly. 

Investment Property Opportunities

Due to limited inventory, an investor will only be eligible to contract one home at a time and may not enter a second contract until after the first home has closed unless presented with the opportunity by Omega.

  • You will still be able to add our Investor Exterior Door Package to ensure your investment property has deadbolts & peep holes as required
  • Omega can't offer refrigerators at this time - if you intend to purchase one, we recommend you start shopping as soon as you know your close date
  • Refer to Choosing a Refrigerator Size if you have questions about what fits
  • Find a Lender
  • Make sure your agent knows your budget goals

A Processing Fee of $500 will be charged for any late changes to the contract including, but not limited to, the following: Lender Change, Name Change, Adding or Removing Parties from the Contract, etc.

Next Steps for All Homebuyers

If anything changes with your purchasing plans we would greatly appreciate if you let us know so we can update your information accordingly.

Here are a few things you can do now to prepare:

Helpful Info for REALTORS®

Current Challenges in Construction

Delays & Shortages

Labor & material shortages continue due to COVID-19 restrictions, rising fuel prices, shipping delays, tariffs, and weather events. In addition, the increased demand for housing has caused material prices to rise even higher.

Our Construction and Purchasing departments have always worked very closely with our vendors & partners to anticipate & minimize the impact on our customers to the extent possible.

These delays & shortages are just a part of the ever changing landscape in the construction industry right now:

  • Lumber
  • Windows
  • Drywall
  • Siding
  • PVC (plumbing & electrical)
  • Shingles
  • Brick
  • Interior Paint
  • Garage Doors
  • Labor
  • City & Permitting
  • Loan & Appraisal
  • Lot Availability

Scheduling Closings

Our Team holds itself to a very high standard when it comes to home completion. Prior to 2020, we maintained a continuous 99% on-time completion rating with close dates being set at home framing.

We've made tough decisions that allow us to pivot more easily within this challenging situation, including the decision to wait to schedule closings after tile has started. 

Before & After Closing - What to Expect

For those of you who experience a delay in construction, your scheduled closing, or warranty service, we apologize for the wait.

Our team will continue to communicate with you throughout the process.

For those of you who are planning to purchase, expect longer wait times than usual.

Availability, pricing, and completion will continue to fluctuate.

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