Selling Your Home in the Fall

By Jennifer Nixon on September, 27 2019
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Jennifer Nixon
Jennifer Nixon

Marketing Consultant
Jennifer has experience in graphic design, brand development, and digital media. She is passionate about architecture, typography, and black & white film photography.

Fall is a great time to prep your home for sale - tackle these projects now so you can sit back and enjoy the cooler evenings worry-free.




Clean & Organize

  • In addition to cleaning floors & rugs, take time to wipe the walls & ceiling corners - a Swiffer or dry mop with a microfiber cloth attached is a great way to reach from top to bottom without a ladder
  • Dust ceiling fans, AC vents, and cabinets & baseboards; then scrub shower walls & floors to keep grout looking fresh
  • Go through your cleaning supplies and properly dispose of anything that is no longer needed
  • Get more cleaning ideas here: Start Spring Cleaning Every Month

There will be less natural light in the fall, so make sure you always turn on all the lights before a showing to showcase all your home has to offer.


Care for Trees & Shrubs

  • Contact an Arborist if you need help determining how to care for mature trees
  • For younger trees and shrubs, prune lightly as needed
  • Add mulch to protect the soil around the roots and freshen up flowerbeds to boost your curb appeal
  • Clean up the yard too - freshen flower beds and pull weeds


Replace HVAC Filters

  • This is especially important following Summer when the AC runs more frequently
  • Having a clean smelling home goes a long way towards making the right first impression


Clear the Clutter

  • While it might be convenient to stash seasonal items in closets, when your home is listed and you have showings, realtors & buyers will want to open closets - if it looks crammed, potential buyers might think there isn't enough space for their things, too
  • Same goes for cabinets, get a head start on packing and reduce your dishes and kitchen goods down to the basics that you need so you can free up space
  • Reduce the items in your fridge & pantry to remove anything expired or things you've forgotten about so you can give everything a good wipe down - this will help you prep to move, whether you are taking your fridge with you or conveying it with the sale of your home


Get more tips to help clear the clutter:

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in September 2017 and has been updated to reflect the most accurate information.

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