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Over 3900 Trees Planted & Counting

By Jennifer Nixon on April, 26 2019
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Jennifer Nixon
Jennifer Nixon

Marketing Manager
Jennifer has 12+ years’ experience in graphic design, brand development, and digital media. She is passionate about architecture, typography, and black & white film photography.

Every where you turn, there is a lot of buzz about the environment in April - and for good reason, both Earth Day and Arbor Day are a few days apart. 

While many are out planting trees today, for Texans Arbor Day is actually the first Friday in November.

ICYMI from Gardening in Your Back Yard, Bell, Brazos & Williamson counties are all in Zone 8B, which means our planting schedule for trees is a bit different than most other states.

Last year, we applied for a free tree through the Tree for Me program offered by Temple Parks and Recreation. This is a great opportunity for residents of Temple to help beautify the community - and spruce up your yard!

For those in Brazos county, be sure to check out the Memorial Tree Program - with a donation of $100, Keep Brazos Beautiful will plant a tree in one of the community parks or along a local roadway.

Similar to Temple, the city of Georgetown has an Arbor Day Tree Giveaway for residents in November to receive one free 5-gallon tree and similar to Brazos county, with a $250 donation you can participate in Georgetown's Memorial Tree program to mark a special occasion or honor a loved one with a 8-12' tall tree planted in one of the city's parks.


Trees planted in November

 Our Tree for Me after being planted in our backyard (front right) with two other trees we also planted


While there are lots of options available if you want to plant trees in your yard, depending on the size of the tree it can be quite an expensive undertaking.

Last spring, we planted a little sapling in a pot that we can take care of easier, move indoors when it's too cold out, and wait until it grows a while longer before planting in the yard. This is a great budget friendly option if you have a little patience!




One of the initiatives by the Arbor Day Foundation is called Tree City USA, which encourages cities to incorporate trees in urban development and expand public trees within the community. In Texas, there are 84 Tree City USA communities, including Temple, Bryan and College Station!

As a homebuilder, one of the criticisms we often hear about building new homes is that, "the developer just comes in and cuts down all the trees." While this might be the case for some developers and some builders, there is a considerable amount of time spent by our team and the developers we partner with to save as many legacy trees as possible and to incorporate new trees in every community by way of establishing HOA restrictions that require native trees to be planted with each home.

Being mindful with lot orientation & boundaries, planning streets carefully & creating medians around trees and incorporating parks & greenspaces goes a long way towards preserving existing trees.


community park in Crescent Bluff

 Legacy trees in Crescent Bluff community pocket park


trees along future trail

 Trees along a former property line were incorporated in the master plan for Westfield along the planned trail


Something I don't think many people consider is that a lot of the communities that were developed in Temple were previously prairies and farmland, most of which had very few trees, if any. By planting trees with every home built, the number of trees is actually significantly increased!

new phase of Hills of Westwood

 The newest phase of Hills of Westwood will include over 100 new trees planted


tree lined streets in established community

 In just over 10 years, the trees planted create a gorgeous canopy lining the streets in Oaks at Westwood


community park in villages of westfield with new trees

 Trees planted in the community park at Villages of Westfield


Omega is celebrating our 50th year in homebuilding — over the course of the last 50 years, Omega has planted over 3900 trees in communities throughout Bell, Brazos & Williamson counties.

Omega Trees Planted

3,949 Trees Planted

 Editor's Note: This post was originally published in April 2018 and has been completely revamped and updated for this year.

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