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Crossroads Park Brings Athletic Fields to West Temple

By Jennifer Nixon on May, 14 2019
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Jennifer Nixon
Jennifer Nixon

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The 284-acre park complex will be the largest in the city of Temple's park system, at more than twice the size of Lion's Park, the Crossroads Recreational Complex is scheduled to fully open Fall 2019.

The master plan for the park includes over 2 miles of trails within the park and connectivity to Pepper Creek Trail, with over 4 miles of existing trails. The Temple City Council approved the final phase of construction which includes: 

  • 27 Hole Disc Golf Course
  • 4 Baseball Fields
  • 4 Softball Fields
  • 7 Soccer Fields
  • 1 Multi-use Field
  • 6 Tennis Courts
  • Public Playground


Crossroads Recreational Park Proposed Layout

Proposed Layout courtesy of City of Temple Parks & Recreation


The baseball, softball, and soccer fields all have concession stands and restrooms. In addition, there will be batting cages for the baseball & softball fields. 


crossroads-recreational-park-baseball-concessionsMost of the infrastructure is in place for the baseball & softball fields


Not only will the fields have lighting, the plans also call for lighted parking lots for games that extend into the evening hours.


crossroads-recreational-park-concessions-soccer-fieldsThe building for concessions & restrooms for the soccer fields is ready to go

Planning for the Crossroads Recreational Park began in 2015, with the approval of the 2015 Parks Bond Projects. The bond also included several projects throughout Temple, nearly all of which have already wrapped up.


Click here to stay up to date on the progress of the bond project on the City of Temple website.


Located in west Temple off of Hilliard Rd and Prairie View Rd, the athletic complex will be within walking distance from North Belton Middle and Tarver Elementary Schools.



View from the new Pepper Creek Trail bridge within the park showing development in progress of the baseball & softball portion of the complex.

So far, development is on track, so unless the weather REALLY doesn't cooperate, it looks like everything will be on track to open this fall.



In addition to the new trails within Crossroads Park, several extensions have been added to Pepper Creek Trail to offer connectivity for residents in nearby communities - combined with the FM 2305 trail along Adams Ave, there are over 8.5 miles of hike & bike trails to explore! 

Find a Trail Near You to Explore

The new City of Temple Trails Guide features nearly 25 miles of trails & tons of helpful information:

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 Editor's Note: This post was originally published in March 2018 and has been updated to reflect the most recent information available.

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