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Buying a New Home in the Summer

By Jennifer Nixon on June, 14 2019
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Jennifer Nixon
Jennifer Nixon

Marketing Manager
Jennifer has 12+ years’ experience in graphic design, brand development, and digital media. She is passionate about architecture, typography, and black & white film photography.

I love Summer - the days are longer, there is no such thing as too much ice cream, and my favorite holiday is the Fourth of July (seriously)! Yes, Summer in Texas is hot, but there are so many fun (and yummy) ways to keep cool that make living here completely worth it!

No matter what time of year you decide to buy a home, the most important factor is understanding what will work best for you and your family instead of worrying about the "right" time to buy.

Here are a few advantages to buying your new home in the Summer:

Spring has Sprung

Flowers are in bloom, homes & yards are looking their best, and daylight extends into the evenings giving you more time to walk or drive around the neighborhood.

Shopping for a new home in the Summer gives you the opportunity to meet the neighbors while they are outside socializing and watching their kids play.


You'll get a really good sense of the community when you visit at different times during the week and on the weekend.

Get Ready for School

Moving during the Summer while the kids are home allows them to be a part of the process and makes the transition easier for everyone. 

Move-in Ready Homes allow you to buy & close before school is back in session.

move before back to school

Buying a move-in ready home now means you can be in your new home in 30-45 days!

Buying a home already under construction but not yet complete is another great option - look for the ones expected to complete by Late July, just remember you'll need 30-45 days to close.

House Hunting Made Easy

Real estate sales are typically high in the Spring, making competition & prices for resale homes rise in the Summer as the number of available homes drop.

By maintaining a consistent inventory level in each community year-round, we are able to offer competitive prices and the flexibility to choose a home that will be ready when you need it!


Visiting a Model Home is a great way to learn more about the features and benefits of new homes.

New Home for the Holidays

Starting construction on a new home during the summer can allow you to be in your new home for the holidays!

Building a new Omega home usually takes between 6-7 months, but may vary by community.


home for the holidays


This means that you'll want to get started right away if you have a preferred move-in date in mind - whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year!

AND...there are almost always completed homes available for you to tour so you can get a sense of the layout, features & options before you decide.


What are the must-haves on your list?

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