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Buying a New Home for the Holidays

By Jennifer Nixon on November, 16 2020
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Jennifer Nixon
Jennifer Nixon

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Holiday season is here - the days are getting shorter, there is pumpkin spice and peppermint around every corner, and I'm pretty sure I already heard Christmas music playing at the store!

Unless you plan on visiting the panhandle or head west to Big Bend country, you probably won't see snow in Texas this winter - OK, so I'm no meteorologist, but considering we've had temperatures in the 80s and we're halfway through can't blame me for not being overly hopeful this year!



Shopping for a new home during the holidays is surprisingly quite relaxing. No matter when you decide to buy a home, focus on understanding what will work best for you and your family instead of chasing the "right" time to buy.


Here are a few advantages to buying your new home in the winter:


Winter Wonderland

Holiday cheer is all around, homes & yards are decorated, and while you may not have as much daylight to walk the neighborhood, hopefully you'll get to see more neighbors out & about enjoying time off with family & friends.



Try to make time to visit homes you're considering on a weekday morning & afternoon, not just the weekends.

Get Ready for the New Year

Moving during the holidays can actually help take the edge off of the usual hustle & bustle.

If you're already taking time off from work for the holidays, you can easily schedule in the time you need to make purchasing decisions, get financial info together, and pack at your own pace - not to mention, if you're buying a new house, I'm sure everyone will understand if you don't spend as much during the




Quick Move-in Homes allow you to buy & close in as little as 30-45 days! 

Buying a home already under construction but not yet complete is another great option - look for the ones expected to complete by January or February if you want to move-in during the spring, just remember you'll need 30-45 days to close.

House Hunting in Winter

Let's face it, there are good reasons so many people decide to buy a new home in spring, but that shouldn't stop you from shopping in the winter.


Not only will there be less people out & about looking at homes, but because we maintain a consistent inventory level in each community year-round, you'll have the same great selection to choose from!


New Home for Summer

Starting construction on a new home during the winter can allow you to be in your new home just in time for summer!

Depending on the community, building a new Omega home usually takes between 4-6 months.

This means that you'll want to get started right away if you have a preferred move-in date in mind - whether it's Spring Break or before the heat of summer returns!

AND...there are almost always completed homes available for you to tour so you can get a sense of the layout, features & options before you decide.

Discover the 10 Advantages of New Homes:

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2017 and has been updated to reflect the most accurate information.

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