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5 Signs You Should Start Planning to Buy Your First Home

By Jennifer Nixon on August, 25 2017
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Jennifer Nixon
Jennifer Nixon

Marketing Manager
Jennifer has 12+ years’ experience in graphic design, brand development, and digital media. She is passionate about architecture, typography, and black & white film photography.

There is no right answer when it comes to deciding when you should buy your first home - the most important thing is to focus on your unique situation rather than hitting a predetermined milestone based on life stages and resist the temptation to keep up with the Joneses.

Here are 5 signs you might be ready to start planning for homeownership:

  1. You have a job you love and want to stick around
  2. You have outgrown the dog park
  3. You have paid down your debts and are on a path to being debt free
  4. You have started thinking about the future and what you may want or have already taken a step towards the next stage in life
  5. You have stopped calling the handyman when the toilet clogs and know how to do more than just change a light bulb


Buying a home is likely one of the largest financial decisions you will make in your life, every minute you spend planning will be worth it!

Here are 2 things you can do right now (if you have not already):

  1. Manage your credit score - don't just know the number, but understand how each factor affects your score and what you can do to improve it.
  2. Set a savings goal for your down payment - figure out how much you can afford to contribute each month towards a down payment. The minimum down payment is 3.5%, you can use this as a starting point.

Buying a new home doesn't have to be stressful, learn more about the journey to homeownership: Our Process

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